Monday, June 24, 2013


Rippin It at the Ranch Lacrosse Tournament

Isaac's lacrosse tournament 

June 22-23, 2013

Yes, another lacrosse tournament!  Isaac's team day one did outstanding winning all 3 of their games!

Isaac faced a lot of shots and did awesome!  I took less pictures this weekend due to the melting effect my body was feeling.  Man was it hot out there.  At one point the boys were warming up before the game maybe 5 minutes they came back to the tent to grab some water and took off their helmets ...some other parents from the younger team proceeded to ask them how their game was since they were soaking wet under their helmets!  The boys looked at those parents like they were nuts...even one kid said that would stink if our lacrosse game that lasted 5 minutes!  The parents asking felt pretty dumb...made me laugh!  


That one went wide of the goal

Isaac got to run up half the field ... he really wanted to go all the way and score a goal himself, but he passed it up and a goal was scored by another boy

Isaac doing his defenders job and pushing them out!

As for the 'HOTEL' accommodations...we were extremely blessed to have spend the time with Scott's cousin Ronda and Pete.  They live about 10 minutes from the sports complex Isaac played at.  I can not say enough nice words about our hosts for the weekend.  Spending time with family is priceless and they top the cake!

This beats the Ritz Carlton Any Day of the week!

Soft bed and not sharing a hotel room with your kids...nice!

Kids took advantage of a private showing of some classic John Candy...many laughs!

A pool not full of crazy lacrosse players...need I say more?!

Water was perfect... so was the lounging!

Isaac was ALL smiles!

Chloe had a BALL

Kids were playing goalie  in the pool ...just can't get enough of it

Ronda served us drinks and snacks!  
Kicking myself for not getting a picture of time!  
Pete and Ronda prepared a wonderful grilled meal for dinner I think I could totally move in here!

Madison the bird
Chloe had a great time mimicking her and chatting
Got a kick out of this feathered creature!

Oh yes, back to lacrosse!  Day two rolled around after Ronda and Pete took us to a wonderful breakfast and we got to kick back and relax some more at their house due to the storms the night before the games got pushed back 2 hours for day two.

We had one game schedule which we lost.  Our record was pretty good though and it came down to us and another team with the same stats/numbers.  To play a playoff game we had to flip a coin with this other team.  We lost the coin flip and that meant we could go home.  Boys were not really thrilled with that out come.  They had been warming up and I think pumping up for that 5th game.  Needless to say God as always was watching out for us.  We headed to the van quickly to get on the road... we just started to leave the complex and lightning hit.  The entire lacrosse tournament came to a stop and was canceled.  So God kept us safe and got us a head start on the road over everyone else!

Not bad Isaac and U13 Jokers Team for the last 10 tournament games they only lost one.  Isaac has one more lacrosse event this summer and Chloe also has one coming up.  We look forward to them, but nice to have a little break in the mean time!

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