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Father's Day Lacrosse Tournament in Palm Coast Florida

Isaac's Father's Day Lacrosse Tournament 2013

June 15-16, 2013  Palm Coast Florida

For a mid June Florida summer we couldn't have asked for better weather or time schedule for our group of boys.  The Jokers Lacrosse Club brought boys from U11-U19 which consists of 3rd graders up to Seniors in high school.  Isaac was grouped with U13 and was their only goalie for this season.

Isaac's first game he got some action.  He touched the ball a bit and did his job!  Not letting one goal get past him with a shut out!  Nice way to end the first game of the day!  Believe we scored about 8 goals on them.

1st game vs Mad Lax


2nd game vs Loggerhead


Game 2 was boring for Isaac he let one that he admits he shouldn't have, but these things happen.  This game and the last game of  the day were played on a really nice high school field.  The great thing about that is it's bigger than some of the side fields and the grass is very even.  

In this picture he's finally looking like a big kid in the goal!  

Isaac on the ground after that goal went in

Isaac says NOPE that's mine!

3rd game vs Savanna Irish (aka Empire Lacrosse)

A lot of goals - 1

This game was probably the most boring for Isaac..really not much action at all in the goal.  He did get one amazing rippin' shot right between his legs.  It didn't take a second for our boys to figure out that guy who did it was the one to stop so we shut them down quickly.  

Isaac...White Boy can Jump!
Celebrating 3 wins on day 1

Day 2

Father's Day

 New location and fields (we played here last year).  Another great day with a little more heat and humidity!  All the boys were pumped coming off a 3 game win the day before.  Although the games were not difficult we were thinking this could be a blow out, but YOU NEVER KNOW!
To stay at this current location we needed to win the 1st game of the day if we lost we'd have to pack up the van and go to a new venue.

Greatest Dad Ever
Happy Father's Day

4th game vs Tampa Tarpons 


Nice Form Isaac!  He did such a great job clearing the ball this weekend!

5th game vs Gulf Coast Bandits


Now don't let that score fool you this game was intense!  The other team scored 2 goals before we scored any!  It was time to turn up the volume on this game!  Our boys have such a winning and fighting spirit we knew it was just the beginning.   

GAME ON!  Isaac got physical and took out any shooter that got near his cage just like an animal!  I was on the sidelines thinkin' THIS is lacrosse...finally a fun and exciting game to watch!  
The last few minutes of the game we tied it up 3-3 that's when the Bandit parents really started to yell.  Then then we just lit it up and scored a few for fun....ha ha ha!

Isaac before every game says a prayer in his goal  
I just happened to get  picture this time around

In the spirit of Father's Day the Ref's got to wear whatever they wanted.  Both guys on this field had pink shirts with Whales on the back (they might have been father and son)

Look very closely at this... you see Isaac in the goal big stick/pink cleats and the kid on the other team who's feet are coming out from under him...that's Isaac takin' him out!

Isaac total action man

Another boy getting ran over by Isaac
Guess what...the shots from this point on were not close to his cage...they were scared!

Game over and heading to the playoffs

Eryk & Isaac

For the last time at a tournament together.  Eryk is moving to Texas this week.  Very sad we will miss him dearly!  What a great friend and fellow goalie!!!  They had a few amazing years playing together we're really miss E!  

 Before the pictures were taken of Eryk and Isaac ... Eryk was showing Isaac his swollen had and telling him how he got hit with a stick during the game and it really hurt.  We got a text from them later that day with the photo attached of Eryk with a cast on ... it was broken!  His mom joked being mother of the year since she's a nurse and didn't think anything of him complaining about the pain.  I told her not to let it bug her ... he should have cried and that maybe would get her attention!  LOL!  Picture sent to me from from his mom at the doctors office.

Championship Game

6th game vs Top Left Loggerheads (from South Carolina)

7-6  in Overtime

I didn't take many pictures during the game I did take video though.  This was the most insane and intense game of the day!  Not for the faint of heart at all.  Being a goalie mom (parent) isn't an easy job and this game had my heart racing non-stop.  This game was down to the wire and we had to go into overtime.  You couldn't have asked for a more exciting championship game ... I mean REALLY!!!  
The U19 (big high school Jokers boys) were on the sideline near me they were to go on this field next for a game.  They were cheering on the boys and just as excited as everyone else.  

Our Overtime is called a 'Braveheart'.  During previous season Bravehearts were consisting of one guy vs one guy and their goalies.  The league has changed it to 4vs4 which is a much better way to play lacrosse.  We get one goalie, one attackman, one defense and one middie... they play till one scores.  I've never seen Isaac move so fast...LOL!  The ball went up and down the field twice...David McCarthy shot and didn't score...Isaac was shot at and backed up the shot so we got the ball.  He had a great clear up the field.  David got his second chance and it went in.  I get emotional thinking about it.  
Last year David's dad John McCarthy (who was the Jokers main man and awesome coach) lost his battle to cancer in July.  This tournament last year was his last that he coached.  It seemed so fitting that our weekend ended like it did.  Thanks to God.

Our team of misfits!  We had a few other coaches (including Scott) but they were not posing with the team.

The Trophy was Presented to Isaac


Scott said to Isaac I think you should give the Trophy to Coach Kevin so he did.  I think it was perfect because Kevin told Isaac I'm going to give this to David McCarthy...again fitting end to this weekend!

The end to a very wonderful and unforgettable Father's day!

Isaac listening to Fall Our Boys "Light Em UP"
He was definitely lit' up this weekend and put out the other teams fires!

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