Thursday, June 06, 2013


Chloe's New Room

Chloe's room rearranged and painted....

Chloe picked some new colors and wanted a change....

First 2 pictures are of Chloe in her room years ago she had just got her swing attached to her loft bed.  
Lilac and flowers were the theme.  

The theme now is...?  She wanted many colors!  We moved her bed so it was sideways in her room.  Now she's got a 'fort' in the back part where her shelves and window is located.  

 This is the small wall you see as you walk into her room...dedicated to "Peper"

The wall behind the door sponged by both Chloe and I...I got the high spots and she got the rest!  Our signatures are at the bottom of our art wall

Funky mirror we found at Ikea and her framed name Gram Linda made her

 Slide attached to her loft bed 
She got new bedspread and blankets

There are curtains around the bed so it's like a small room or fort under the loft bed to get an idea of how tall it is in there I can stand up straight 

More funky mirrors her desk area 

In between her 2 closets

I still have to hang that black mirror

Under the bed
Sitting area and her cabinet full of books

Fun rainbow swag hanging from the ceiling on both shelves...they are painted green and yellow

New blue curtains match the ones on the front of her bed on either side of her swing

Still have to shorten her curtains so they are not on the ground

 Goodwill lamp we repainted to match the room and put jewels on the shade and also painted it

Top of her bed

So the new colors are darker blue...lighter and the wall by the window is still the shelves are yellow and light green!

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