Saturday, June 01, 2013


BLUR... and Blast from the Past!

May 29th, 2013

Chloe's 5th Grade Graduation 

No More Elementary School in the Gallant House

It's All Gone Past in a Blur.....

How did she go from that to this in such a short amount of time....

Going off to PreSchool...

2nd Year of PreSchool


Chloe and Adam

1st Grade Graduation

2nd Grade Graduation

 3rd Grade Graduation

4th Grade Graduation Party

5th Grade Graduation and End of Elementary School

May 29th, 2013

Mrs. Horan's AM Class (one of 7 other 5th Grade Classes in this graduation year)
Chloe Front and Center

After the ceremony kids were either dismissed with their parents or stayed to hang out in their classrooms until 1pm.  Chloe chose to go back to class.  I stayed helped volunteer some time in the library and then also went up to take some pictures in her classroom.  Chloe is a bit of a teachers pet.  She loves to come in early help out Mrs. Horan.  
As Chloe walked across the stage to get her congrats from the principal and teacher her teacher said...
"Chloe Gallant receives an award for Honor Roll, Semester Honor Roll, and My Class room Helper who I could not function without." ...very true!  

 While the other kids played some games Chloe organized note cards and ran errands for her teacher.

Time to Celebrate!  Jumping into Summer as an up and coming 6th Grader!

Renee & Chloe Summer 2011

Renee & Chloe 2 years Later Summer 2013

Isaac was not photographed today, but yes he is headed to the 8th grade next year!  Wow!  Hard to believe.  

He's gone from his first days of...


 With Best Friend Thomas

1st Grade

 2nd Grade 

Isaac and Thomas

3rd Grader

 1st Day of School in Florida

Graduation day for 3rd Grade

4th Grader

5th Grade (last year of elementary school)

Off to Middle School 6th Grader

7th Grade (icing on the cake 13 years old)

Now an up and coming 8th Grader

(turning 14 this summer!)

Cherish every moment!

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