Monday, May 13, 2013


March 1-3

It's March and that means it's time to get the pool cleaned up so we can enjoy SUMMER!

These pictures of the bird and flowers are by our photographer Chloe...

Scott making some homemade brew 'pool side'!  Lucy wanting to help out.  Isaac and Chloe in the pool.

 Chloe's Lacrosse Jamboree!

She opted out of the hair paint this year and all the craziness.  Still by far the most adorable beast out there on the field!  

Bring on the rain!

Chloe with the ball

Awards Time

Head Coach Scott and the other coaches getting a nice poster board card from all the girls

Team Kryptonite

Our bunch of misfits!

Chloe and her buddy Ashley

Coaches out boys...don't fall down and break something!
Slippery when wet!

Scott going in for a goal.  Our goalies were sisters one high school one middle school.

Coach Scott against Coach Scott

Last game of the day Chloe's going for it!

She shoots She scores!

Fun Achieved 

An undefeated season for the girls!  What a great group...ready for some summer ball????

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