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I guess you can call it a 'staycation' or we really didn't do much over spring break this year.  When you live in Florida it's kinda a vacation already.  We were really hoping for a consistent amount of hot weather so the pool would be put to great use and we could enjoy some time in it.  Well we had a few good days here and there, but not pool weather.  Some mornings there was frost on the ground!  I can't complain too much since I saw snow in other parts of the country during spring break.

Isaac had friends over as much as possible.  They would play basketball, lacrosse, Wii, computer and talk...boys talk a lot!  At least Isaac does!

Elias and Ben hanging with shirtless Joe 

Chloe hanging out with the boys

Cute Girls

Started on some yard work....oh joy!  It's that time of year!

Lacrosse practice for the girls is still on says Coach Scott!  Many girls on vacation so it was slim pickin's, but always nice to have a small group so they can really get a lot of attention.  


You guessed it girls lacrosse practice yet again!  Typical weeks the girls have Monday, Friday and Saturday (games) or practice.  So no schedule change here!
Isaac even got some one on one time with Coach Scott.  The boys team 'Jokers' didn't have practice over the break (typically they are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday games or practices) so we had to create our own.  Which is always quite fun! 

Chloe's Yard Sale Find

Chloe found this adorable homemade bunk bed for Bunny or whom ever else wants to use it!
The man was in our neighborhood and a big lacrosse fan who noticed Chloe's jersey she got a deal for only $2!  

Scott's yard sale find at my friend Lisa's house
He wanted a large fridge to help with his new brewing process...this will do!

Outside to enjoy a beautiful day!


Movie & Pizza Anyone?

DAY 3 

Good Morning!   Chloe's brought down a ton of items from her room and kinda made her own mess in the living area!  Bella is enjoying some more attention...anyway she can get it!

Watching Us

More Yard Work
It maybe slow but it's progress

Tornado Warning....
Kinda Windy

Our plans to meet our friends the Millers got pushed back a little over an hour so we didn't have to drive through the awful weather!  Nice when the weather clears up in just a short amount of time though!  

We meet up with the Miller Family in Downtown Disney...oh yes it was crowded!!!  We had a great dinner at The Rain Forest Cafe and got to visit for a long time. 

Don't Jump in Nicky!

Isaac  Jordan  Nicky  and Chloe

Chloe got spit on by Stitch!

Chloe and I thought this was so cool...the bottom of the dress is made of Princess Barbie Dolls!  

We meet Scott at Panera for lunch!

Then it was time for a little shopping at Sports Authority
Isaac needed new cleats...yet again! 

Home to play and have a treat!


Chloe had her friend Ashley (from her lacrosse team) over to play while Isaac had his friend Tom (from his lacrosse team and from school) over to play.  

Scott went back to Sports Authority to buy Chloe a new stick.  We had seen it while we were there the day before and went online to find a better deal, but with coupons I had we saved a bundle anyway!  
It was time to meet up with Scott for a little lacrosse practice (just our kids).
Chloe and her new stick!

Both loving this!  

Okay maybe we wore out Chloe!  

A little Bit of Nature....

DAY'S  6-9

Did you really expect me to keep up with the picture taking?!  Ok I really wanted too keep up with it, but I didn't!  Wednesday Isaac had his buddy Eryk over most of the day.  They did the usual stuff basketball, lacrosse, Wii and a little chatting about Airsoft.  We rented a few movies from Redbox and relaxed!  Scott had a group of coworkers over for PING PONG NIGHT.  Isaac always joins in with them and plays a few games as well.  He's getting better!  Watch out!!!  Thursday the kids both had a dentist appointment to get their teeth/braces cleaned.  We then meet up with Scott again for lunch at Panera and sat outside in the sun!  It had been a bit chilly the day before and that morning so we needed to thaw out.  After that we headed home and Isaac had a birthday party at Tom's house to go to.  He had a blast there!  Chloe and I hung out and played board games.  Friday we didn't do much at all.  Elias came over later in the day to hang out with Isaac.  I worked in the yard played with Chloe.  She had practice that night with Scott and about 7 girls from her team showed up.  Isaac went and helped some with the goalie work and also hung out with his friend Conner who showed up (his little sister is on Chloe's team).  I stayed took a long walk and watched them practice so after Scott could go straight to his poker game.  Saturday was a nice quiet day as well... Scott had practice again with the girls and a little bigger group showed up...but still not the whole team.  Afterwards we hung out together at home.  I got the kids some pizza and a movies.  Isaac and Scott that night watched "Zero Dark Thirty".  Chloe and I stuck with "Wreak it Ralph" a movie for the lighter side!  

DAY 10

After thanking the Lord for his grace and love we decided it was such a beautiful day we would head to the beach!  Now the water was SO cold the only brave sole that got really wet was Chloe!  

Always time for a little lacrosse

Beach Volley Ball 

Chloe's collection of Seashell pieces 

OMG I love those freckles!  
Chloe and Bunny lovin' the beach!

 As you can see it was a pretty relaxing Spring Break with a lot of this and that going on.  We are back to school for another 8 weeks then it's time for Summer Break!  We've got a TON going on this summer...the calender is already pretty packed up!
If you find the time to visit us in Florida or need a place to hang your hat give us a call!  Hotel Gallant is always very welcoming!!!

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