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November 3rd, 2012

Chloe's yearly Fall Jamboree was underway later in the day so it was GREAT to sleep in and not be up and at the field at 7am.
This year the coaches played a game together which was very fun to watch. It was a 20minute game men vs woman. If it wasn't for the 2 Gallant's (Scott and Isaac) the guys would be hurtin'...ha! No really they had some points and assists they were awesome!
Chloe had a great game too. The one shot she did make was saved..bummer. Her friend Renee had one goal called back and then had one count.
Jamboree is always a fun day where the girls can get a little wild and crazy with each other. We parents (some of us) join in the fun too.

Chloe getting her medal and shirt

Isaac with his festive hair playing in the coaches game

Scott playing in the coaches game (yes the refs played too)

Chloe's Jamboree this year had one full game instead of small shorter games

Chloe's saved

Our Team of 3rd - 6th Graders
Oviedo Fire Balls
Fall 2012

With Coach Scott and Scott

Chloe & Me rockin' my CHLOE ROCKS t'shirt (try to wear this to her games to cheer her on)
I put my festive purple sparkle eyelashes on too!

Coach (a.k.a. Daddy) Sportin' his colorful facial hair and his "MOVE YOUR FEET" famous for yelling that out to the girls t'shirt

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