Monday, November 19, 2012


Isaac and Lacrosse

On Jamboree weekend Isaac went to Eryk's house along with a few other friends to help Eryk preform a science experiment. They all had a great time since it had to do with their favorite sport. Bonus was Eryk's mom served pizza and ice cream!

Michael Isaac and Eryk

Tournament weekend in Palm Coast, FL
November 10th & 11th

Isaac played for the U13 group. Many of the boys this was their first tournament and first time really playing in a big game. They got to play 5 games throughout the weekend and Isaac was in goal the entire time. Took a few good hits and many bruises, but had a blast. What's not to love hanging out with your friends all weekend long playing lacrosse!

Eryk played up to the U15's as their goalie. Most of the experienced 8th graders played up. Which was great so Isaac and Eryk could play goalie the entire weekend and not have to share time.

Time for a much needed break from lacrosse...soon they'll miss it and want to get back out on the field.

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