Monday, September 17, 2012


Lacrosse Weekend

The girls game started with a rough 3 minutes...then they woke up!

Chloe scored using her non dominate hand with one of the prettiest shots I've seen her make...she went wild with excitement and the crowd followed with whoops & cheers!
We are thinking maybe her and BFF Renee made a pact to score at least one a game each weekend, because Renee had a great goal too!

Unfortunately the storm/lightning sirens went off and we had to clear the fields.

Isaac's Fall Ball League has practice and scrimmage on Sundays...

It's always fun to watch the boys go a bit crazy with each other. Isaac even took the opportunity to run the ball down the field and score on the other goalie (his fried Eryk) during the scrimmage. When you ask Isaac what was the best part of the last hour and half he says "stuffing that kid and taking down for a goal" really!?

Another great weekend!

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