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Carnival Cruise June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

7 Glorious Days on Carnival Cruise Lines

You will see a lot of Chloe with her "Bunny" on this cruise. Chloe takes Bunny a lot of places. She should have her own passport!

Mini Golf Coarse

Where's Bunny?

Love this Picture

Ready for the pool!!!

Isaac spent many many many hours on the basketball courts, but I never got a picture.
He also enjoyed hanging out at "Circle C" with other 12-14 yr olds.
Time for the dining room experience...

Chloe made this for our waiter Elias...kinda resembles him!


Nice way to end Father's Day...
A welcome party for 9-11 yr olds at Camp Carnival in the dance lounge. They had a parents vs kids 'dance off'! Chloe won for the girls and Scott won for the Dads (he was the only Dad out there...BUT he was really good!)

Day at Sea

Chloe spent her morning at Camp Carnival and Isaac spent 3 hours on the basketball courts. Scott and I found a wonderful spot on the upper deck to lay in the sun and relax!

Chloe on the water slide on board

Elegant Night

At the comedy club (we attended as many shows as we could)...great comedians! Chloe posing for the crowd!

Day in Cozumel, Mexico

On Board the Fury

Me Chloe Scott & Isaac

Isaac had already gotten out of the water

After snorkeling we went to this beach. Wish we could spend all day here. Scott and I tried out the kayaks, the bar and they relaxation area. All of us spent time on the massive blow up toys. Scott attempted to get on the surf board.


Scott and Chloe dancing on the catamaran "Slide to the left...stomp"


Another Day in Paradise...Belize!

Snorkeling on a barrier reef

Isaac and Scott stuck together and saw a lion fish!!! Once in a life time probably. There were some beautiful fish out there and big coral.

Ice Cube Glasses

Happy Snorkelers!

Island time... a small island where we could relax, play volleyball and swim.

Heading back to the Carnival ship. We did not go into Belize at all just in the water to snorkel and the small island for the afternoon. We heard we didn't miss much on the island.

On the ship that evening Chloe and I walked around and got a couple more pictures. One with her cat she had brought in her backpack on board!

This is a new day in Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan
Part of Honduras

Chloe took these photos from our balcony the morning we pulled into the island

Views from the beach (owned by Carnival)



You have NOT seen the last of Bunny!

I didn't want to just sit at the beach all day I wanted to see part of Roatan so we headed up to the taxi area and found 2 woman (Gina and Aunt Jane sisters) and a daughter 8yrs old Kaylee. We all decided lets go Zip this was going to be an adventure for sure!
We took a van through the poor part of town ... we are talking POOR people. Most homes had no electricity. Wild dogs walked through the streets like people and dug through trash cans like cats! They were BIG dogs too!

We reached our destination and got hooked up before we jumped into the back of a pick-up to climb half the mountain...

OH YES...Bunny is Zip Lining!

The pick-up went up as far as it could then we had to hike the rest! Once at the top it was breath taking (actually it took away our breath just trying to get up there)!

Post card picture view!

Am I really letting my only son go first... nothing like 3rd world country zip lining!

No Fear!

Scott's turn...

I went 4th...then Kaylee and Gina. We all waited a while for Aunt Jane. Apparently she's afraid of heights. They got her across the first one then she said "I'm done I want to go back down". The guys were great...and also told her the only way down is to finish the course. Once your in those trees your in them for the long haul! We think there was about 18 zip lines total.

Chloe and Bunny again...

You really had to hold onto the tree's...they were swaying. Not the most stable situation.


Then there is a brief moment of "OH NO"

I got stuck out on the line. I jumped off the platform (as usual) and the man on the other end was shaking the wires...trying to make it even more exciting by making you feel like a rag doll on a wire! Well the moment it shook and I jumped the cable connection on top turned sideways so I just came to a stop about 15ft into the line. One guy came out and worked on getting me hooked onto his cable then that got stuck and the other guy came shimming out (from the far end) and worked on it's not over folks...a 3rd guy came out and eventually I was free to float across.

This is me on the next wire AFTER my OH NO episode. I'm hanging on tight this time around.

To end the adventure we got to hold monkeys!

Chloe was SO happy...she would take it home if they let her. The monkey was in LOVE with Bunny!!! Bunny got lots of kisses and hugs!

Now as for me the man walked by and stuck this monkey on me...I didn't want it! I smiled for Scott and then begged him to get that thing off me ASAP! It's hands felt like frogs (slimy and spongy)!

Scott fed this girl a bottle!

Some sort of night monkey

Isaac and strange looking deer

Good Bye Roatan

Now it was time to get cleaned up for our second Elegant Evening on the ship

Bunny some how got into this photo!

Having dinner and enjoying some shows at the comedy club...

Hot Chocolate

How could I forget to show these I'll show you them all at once ...towel creations!


Scott and I had been here years ago on a cruise and loved it! We were happy to go back and visit. We took the Sting Ray Tour. You get in the water feed these prehistoric looking creatures and take photos of them.

These underwater photos I didn't take the tour guide on the boat gave us a copy of these...just awesome!


Chloe and Isaac didn't stay in the water too long.

Heavier than I expected! was very fishy tasting!

As you can tell from the look on our faces it was a bit odd feeling...

Scott then attempted to feed a sting ray some squid, but a fish came along and snatched it right out of his hands! The sting ray swarmed us as soon as we had food and they were coming up out of the water. Both Scott and I got whipped in the face!
Back to the boat for our rough ride back to shore and then off to the turtle farm.

The first area in the farm is a big water section of Sea Turtles (the kind you find in the Disney movie NEMO) this area has a sandy beach where the female lay their eggs. The workers then take the eggs to the hatchery building.
These turtles have to be at least 16yrs old and 250lbs to enter this area (some weigh up to 500lbs).

Iguana and lizards all over the island

We got to hold and interact with the 'yearlings'

If you hold them where they can see the water tanks their fins will flap hard up and down like they are swimming. They'll stop if you turn them away from the water or rub their chins.

High Fin!


Can we make it part of our family? Would it fit in your backpack Chloe?

This turtle farm has the largest pool in Grand Cayman. We really enjoyed it! The kids loved the water slide too!
There was also a predator tank with shark and other mean fish also loggerhead turtles (meanest ones out there).
They provided snorkel gear for the tropical fish lagoon. It was very cool to swim in there with many beautiful fish, sea turtles and also live conk shells.

Last Day
We had a Sea Day and the ship was a Rockin' due to Tropical Storm Debby. We all played in the game room "SORRY" and "JENGA" plus cards together. Outside it poured rain all day long. It didn't deter Isaac and Scott from playing mini golf or basketball, but they did end up changing clothes a few times that day. Scott also played in the casino a little.
Our new friends we met zip lining spent half the day with Chloe and I. We visited the "Chocolate Extravaganza" at the buffet. The chocolate cheese cake was the best item.

Chloe and Kaylee got stuffed animals and new outfits for them (like Build-A-Bear).

Chloe brought along some coloring posters

Family Time in the arcade
It was so loud in there you couldn't hear yourself think! We wanted to play air hockey, but the table was consumed by teenagers so we stuck with some other favorites

Newest member of the Gallant clan 'Sunny' kind of ironic she was created on a super rainy day!
Chloe showing her around the ship

Chloe was excited to find "I Love Lucy" one of her favorite shows!

Dining room on our last night with Elias

Crab cake superb!

Scott and Chloe feasted on FROG LEGS...said it tastes like chicken!

Our evening was coming to an end, but don't forget to get that last trip to the 24hour pizza place...

Isaac probably consumed 2 pizza's each day!

Farewell to our condo on the sea's...

Sunny & Bunny BFF


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