Monday, June 25, 2012


Palm Coast Father's Day Lacrosse Tournament

Isaac's last summer tournament was in Palm Coast. It was on Father's day weekend which we could only attend on the Saturday games. Isaac got to play 3 games total.

1st game we won 6-3

Love this one of Eryk fending off the enemy!

Onto game 2 in the end we beat them up pretty bad. They were a team from South Carolina and not sure they even scored a point this entire weekend.

Isaac your weird

He SAVED this one!

Isaac had NEVER PLAYED LONG POLE DEFENDER BEFORE... our team was winning 10-0 and they pulled Isaac out of goal and put in Eryk. Isaac put on Eryk's gear and grabbed his stick and went in! It was an exciting moment for all of us Gallant's A FIRST!

He even got to touch the ball at one point and clear it over mid line.

Back in the goal for the 3rd and final game of the day. This could have possibly been Isaac's best game EVER! It was nail biting, heart racing and down to the last seconds of the game!

The score in the end was 6-5 we won! Isaac saved over 15 shots in this game and we are so proud!

We had to get updates on Sunday since we had a previous engagement on a cruise ship. Our team won the championship that weekend! They had 2 games on Sunday without Coach Scott and Isaac. Their first game came down the wire 6-5 win and the last game was easy 6-2. Way to go Jokers!

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