Monday, May 07, 2012


April Is Over ...It's May!

April came and went so fast! Granny came for a week visit. We enjoyed putting together puzzles, shopping, going out to eat and spending time together. Can't wait till October when she visits again and brings Grampy with her too! Chloe and Granny's sleep over night
Isaac is now as tall as Granny!
Chloe's 2nd to last game in April ... these photo's caught her with her mouth guard out. Good thing she didn't get hit or the ref notice!
A well deserved treat after a long hot game. Now it's time to watch Isaac play!
Isaac's last game in April came off with a WIN!
Chloe's last game of April and it was a double header and oh boy was it HOT outside.
It's MAY 5th time for JAMBOREE!!!! Chloe's all decked out in her hair paint and cute socks. The girls played two games and won both! They got trophies and had a big picnic...what a great day!
Time to decorate Coach!
What a GREAT season the girls had! Chloe even got a goal in the very last game! Now that the season is over we hope to do a camp or something fun this summer. When you have the #1 Coach as your dad it's real easy to get free lessons! Isaac even gets a week off then he starts tournament practice for 3 tournaments this summer.

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