Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Breaks End...

Ponce De Leon Springs
Thursday March 22nd, 2012

Picture of the Old Sugar Mill where we went in to cook and eat our own pancakes!

Our first visit here. It won't be our last!

Time for a nature walk

What are they being chased by????

Isaac brought his new gun

Chloe and Me taking a break about a mile into the woods

We saw a black snake about 6 ft into the walk in the woods...kinda made me think we should turn back, but we didn't. Scott saw a fox, we saw squirrels, tons of butterflies and dragonflies plus a nest of mini crickets.

Blue tailed lizard we found a few of these...

Small visitor center

Spring Break is the time to clean up the swimming pool!

A downpour started, but it did not dampen their spirits...they kept on playing!


Isaac has had the same bike for 5 1/2 years he's grown quite a bit since then so it was time for a bigger bike.

Chloe has had her's since she was 6 yrs old so it was about time for her too plus she kept stealing my bike!

Chloe's new plate

Her old bike in front of her new bike

After our long bike ride today we the kids cooled off in the pool one last time before we start our week back to school. 3 of Isaac's friends showed up at the door and they played CONDUIT on the Wii (all his friends, Scott, Isaac and Chloe) they are all outside playing hockey/lacrosse!

Happy Spring Break!

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