Monday, March 19, 2012


Chloe and Renee decided they were big enough to ride Scott and my bikes around!


Saturday, March 17th
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Isaac had a lacrosse game at Satellite Beach that morning so we packed up the van to enjoy a day out.
Isaac's team won 10-3 playing a team that was a bit out of control with their sticks, but they boys did great!

Isaac playing 'twister' in the goal

Where's the middle you can see the side of his face smiling!

Grant (one of Isaac's friends and lacrosse buddy) with us to lunch and then the beach. The kids got GREEN drinks for St. Patty's day!

The beach was pretty busy with Spring Breakers! The kids had a great time in the surf.

I have about 6 different sun tan marks on my back from working in the yard or walking outside! Boy that sun did feel wonderful though!

Time for a little lacrosse on the beach

That evening we had a nice gathering of the girls lacrosse coaches over for drinks, snacks and a evening around the fire pit. Great time with them!

Sunday, March 18th

We got to sleep in which doesn't happen often. We then headed out to get Isaac a new goalie chest protector...much needed!
Isaac was saving up his money and decided he wanted a airsoft gun. There are a lot of rules around owning this, but he's so excited to have it now. Scott I think was pretty excited too! They had to wait to play with them till we got home, but in the mean time we enjoyed a few hours at Dave and Busters! We had a great lunch and played some skee ball, shot some basketballs, air hockey and various other games.

Back home it was time for some shootin'!

Chloe and I left the boys to play. We walked home w/ the dogs. Chloe sneaking under the community gate! The lady driving out was laughing as Chloe crawled under and Bella just walked under it.

Chloe feeling sorry for Bella and carrying her part of the way home. She's a spoiled dog.

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