Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Years Eve

I spent my New Years Eve morning waking up in our friends Jamie & Jen's house. They were kinda enough to let us bunk there for less than 24 hours. Thank you for giving us a hot meal, a comfy bed and watching the Washington Capitals on your big wall!

I shot straight out of bed to meet my friends Laurel and Kara for breakfast at IHOP. I'm sorry to all the friends I didn't see and I'm sure you might be mad at me now. I wish there was more time or more of me to spread around. I had a wonderful visit with my girlfriends before we all had to venture off in our destined places.

I raced back to Jamie & Jen's we packed up the last of our stuff and headed to the river house for the night.

Scott's mom was hosting a dinner party with two other couples, plus her friend Nila and of coarse herself and Michael. The kids were thrilled to race around the yard for over an hour on the golf cart ..fresh air is awesome! We had a lovely meal and it was straight to bed before the ball could drop on the new year!

We were up and out they door by 4am driving back to Florida on New Years Day.

Wish everyone a blessed 2012!

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