Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas in Maryland

After celebrating with half our family in Virginia it was time to head to Maryland to celebrate with our other half!
Granny and Grampy had the house so warm and Christmas-y when we got there.

Ryan, Sandie and Sarah came to open gifts and eat with us.

Enjoying the photo album of their wedding I made on

Over to the park to work off some dinner calories so we could have some goodies! Pie, cookies, name it!

Grampy playing the "knock you off the sidewalk game" ...always an adventure! Watch your back!

Time to play on the playground!

Chloe got a SNOW CONE machine from Grandma for Christmas and we were all very excited to try it out! It's have to come down to Florida and have one by the poolside!

NERF war in the basement!

Granny pre baked the sugar cookies, but saved the decorating for us when we got there. We LOVE to do this together...our little tradition!

We bought granny a puzzle for Christmas and almost had it done before we left, but she finished it up without us.

Ryan and I
He didn't go to the park with us due to his hip. He's having surgery next week on it ...a new titanium him for my big brother!

As always our time with our family was too short, but we enjoyed every minute of it!

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