Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

We spent our Thanksgiving weekend hanging out together and being very thankful for all we have.
I saved a turkey this year by going out to dinner. I also saved myself dishpan hands.
We haven't had much of a Thanksgiving tradition since we have moved to Florida so you never know what each year might bring. Chloe and I decorated the entire house for Christmas and blasted all sorts of Christmas music while we tossed tinsel and glued some old ornaments back together.
It was time the the annual Christmas card photo's ...never a fun task for the family, but they humor me. We took about a dozen photos before we got one that I finally agreed would work. Even got the dogs to look at the camera as it balanced on a footstool with the timer on.

Chloe and Isaac in their lacrosse gear

Chloe and I after decorating and showers ready to go to dinner!

Our tree

I won't torture you with all the loosing photos I of them the tree went up my butt (I guess I got a Christmas goosing)!
And the winner is...

Sorry we didn't get Chloe's pet hamster 'Peper' in the picture...just though that would be a little tough..she's so fast she'd be a black blur at the bottom of the photo!

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