Monday, October 24, 2011

10/20 ~ 10/22

Happy Halloween!
Scott and I went to a Halloween Party (no kids)

This Friday Renee came over to stay the night and hang out with Chloe. The boys had to go to lacrosse practice. The girls hung out and played on the computer and then watched a movie together. Chloe decided just to have Renee with her on her birthday instead of a party.

A gift box from Ms. Denise came...always fun to open!
Thank you!!

Saturday morning the girls had a lacrosse game. It was a high scoring game and so much fun to watch. Renee got a awesome goal that was assisted by Chloe! They are a good pair!
Chloe had 3 assist's this game!

After the game Chloe went with Renee and her family to lunch and they took her to Build a Bear for her birthday present! Chloe also got to stay the night at their house. Both girls got matching German Shepard Stuffed animals! Very cute!

I didn't get pictures at Isaac's game on Sunday (wish I had). He played his normal 'indoor' box lacrosse game. The team was light on Sunday due to a football game a lot of kids were at. The game was a lot closer in scoring this time, but Isaac still pulled off a win. Then when the 7th and 8th graders played Isaac got to play as well...not goalie, but in the field. He scored a goal and had a assist. He looked a bit small out there around the other boys. He even got knocked around a little. He's one tough dude!

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