Monday, October 24, 2011

October 1st ~ 20th
Playing catch up with my pictures!

It's been business as usual here in the Gallant house. We've been playing a lot of lacrosse. Between both kids we have at least 2 games a weekend and 3 practice days during the week. Here's some of the pictures from Chloe's lacrosse games...

Pint Size Chloe
Chloe taking a Face Off

Chloe scoring a GOAL!

Another Weekend ... Another Game

Chloe got the ball quite a bit in this game! Grampy and Granny got to watch her play finally! Usually when they visit she's got an off week with no game.

Back home for some fun with Grampy and Granny! We had a fun time in the pool and made a fire in the pit to roast some smores!


Taking some time to celebrate Chloe's 10th Birthday!

Judy Moody Movie
Thanks Gram Linda!

On Chloe's actual birth date she had her big class field trip to St. Augustine, FL. I got to be a chaperone so that was a nice treat!

My group to watch over during the field trip!

When we got back from our field trip it was 6:30pm! Chloe had a couple pumpkin cookies as her birthday 'cake'! Granny, Isaac and I sang happy birthday to her. Grampy left a few days before and Daddy was at a class until 9:30pm! She was sound asleep by then.

Gram Linda and her beautiful work! Thank You!!!

Peper saying Happy Birthday!

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