Saturday, August 13, 2011

Virginia Trip

July 23-25 River

We took our summer trip up to Virginia with our first stop at the river house. Mom was the only one with us this time. Michael was out of town working. A few days before our drive up Chloe fell and got 6 stitches in her leg. I chose not to put the picture of her leg online...figured it might gross some people out!

While at the river house Isaac got to ride BIG BERTHA, but Chloe wasn't allowed near the water.
She took full advantage of that and drove the golf cart all over the place. We had a very relaxing time and it's hard to leave.

July 26th
Scott went to work while the kids and I went to our friends house to play all day. Julie is a dear friend and I've known her since Isaac was a baby. Her 3 kids and our 2 had a great time playing, chasing, Wii, having lunch and watching a movie in their home theater.
That evening we got to take a tour of our home in Fairfax. We could just move right back in there with all the furniture they have in the house. It's lovely! Our tenants we consider friends. They are wonderful people and we are so happy we have gotten to know them. We went to dinner together and had a great time visiting.

July 27th
The kids and I went to Herndon to our friends house. I got to relax and catch up with my dear friend Lea. Isaac, Tim, Chloe and Katie played like no time has passed. It's times like these we wish we could all just live closer!
Around 2pm we had a visit planned with Ms. Denise! We just love to see her and she had a little surprise ...a new car! Now Chloe has always loved convertibles, but now she knows what it's like to ride in one. She's already asking for one in the next 6 years. Isaac said he'd like it as well. Denise is always bringing us gifts and spoiling us...we do love it! The kids had a great time with the water squirters and bubble wands! Thank you Denise!!!

July 28th
The plan was to go to some museums in Washington DC, but I took a wrong turn so we headed to the National Zoo first!
It's been 3yrs since we've gone there so a lot has changed. We had a great time even though it was super hot out. Once we left the zoo we headed back to the monuments and couldn't find parking so we took a driving tour.
That evening we spend a wonderful night with Mom, Aunt Wilma and Uncle Ron. The kids watched the movie "Mission Impossible 3" ..who knew they'd like it!

July 29th
I got to visit with my friend Kara and meet her 2nd child for the 1st time! Baby Lena is such a cutie! Chloe and Milo enjoyed playing LEGO's together. It's so nice to catch up with my friends, but there is just not enough time.
That evening all 4 of us went to Jamie and Jen's new home. They were so gracious to let us stay in their new house even though they hadn't settled in yet. I believe they had slept one night in their house before we came. The kids had a great time (I'm including Jamie and Scott in that kids remark...) there was quite a few NERF Gun fights going on! The house is beautiful and we can't wait to come back and stay longer!

July 30th

Happy 4th Birthday Claire! My good friend Laurel decided to toss together a great birthday party at the park for her daughter so we could come celebrate too! I would like my friends and family to all win the Lotto so we don't have to work and can just hang out together!

Birthday Girl Claire

Claire's Daddy Kevin

Milo and his Daddy Nick

Kara and baby Lena (almost a year old)

Oh Yes Ladies ... I put this one online! Hope it makes you laugh!

Great friends...Me, Laurel and Kara!

That evening we went to visit with Dad and Marilyn in their new/temporary home in Alexendria. We got to catch up. The kids played a bit and we had a wonderful dinner. Thanks so much for having us as your first guests in the new pad! We are looking forward for you guys to visit us in Florida now!

Chloe is thrilled to fit into Daddy's old sports shirt

July 31st - August 1st
We got up and had a nice visit with Mom and Michael then got a very nice gift... a signed Capitals hockey stick by all the players from 2010-2011 season plus a bunch of other amazing Capitals memorabilia! Thanks for such an awesome gift! Now where to put it in the house? We packed up all of our belongings from their house (including the dogs and hamster) and left to stay the night with our friends the Martin Family. As always they were waiting with open arms, great conversations, yummy food (have already made those stuffed jalapenos here at home) and lots of laughs! Trying to talk them into a Capitals road trip to Florida...lets cross our fingers. They added to their family with a guinea pig 'Snickers'. Thanks again for having us and letting us invade your home for a day.

Chloe with Snickers Amy and Adam with Lucy and Bella

'Getting to know you...Getting to know all about you...'

Playing Hockey ...last winter when we visited they were freezing and playing in the garage...this summer it was just too hot to play outside!

August 1st - 6th

We headed over to the Maryland side to stay with my side of the family. Chloe got her stitches out that evening also. She was a real trooper and said it didn't hurt at all.
The next morning Scott left early and flew back to Florida for work until late Thursday night. With all this free time Granny, the kids and I went shopping! There was a purpose to our shopping madness though...we had to get clothes for my brothers wedding on Saturday, gifts and shop for Isaac's birthday. We had a great time! We also hung out at their house enjoying the newly landscaped backyard and new movies we had gotten. Ms. Denise had bought the kids the movie "How to eat fried worms" that was a gross one the kids loved and yes, we watched it more than once!

We finally met Sharon my moms wonderful friend and neighbor. We got a lot of laughs watching her two babies play! Most of the photos are blurry, because they didn't hold still.

Maggie and Pepper

Chloe playing with her Lucky Charms

Thursday Great Grandma Tudy flew in from Michigan. It was wonderful having her with us. The kids and I haven't seen her I think in 6 years! We made sure we got lots of hugs, laughs and enjoyed every second together.

Friday August 5th

Rehearsal time for the wedding!

We all worked up an appetite and went back to Sandie and Ryan's house for some food.

Their dog Izzy is like a stuffed animal! He's SO CUTE!

August 6th is the BIG DAY!

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