Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Florida Sunshine State Cup 2011

Isaac was invited to play on the upper level team "U13" (along with some other boys from the U11 team). Many of his friends from U11 are moving on to U13 next season due to their grade level, but Isaac still has one more year in U11.

This tournament was great! The boys did an outstanding job. They got the title of 2nd place. We actually got to play 6 games. The last 2 games were against the 1st place team. We beat them once and lost the second time. 5 out of 6 games is not too shabby boys!

Isaac got to play some 'Attack'

Here comes the rain! It was amazing that the storms didn't hit the area and we just got rain. It was dark all around us!

The goalie Alex is great, but we were up by a significant amount of goals so Isaac got to come in and play. The first game he got in he didn't let in one single goal! He stuffed a shot with his face! It was awesome!

Coach Scott

Isaac in goal

Isaac and one of his trusted U11 teammates Jacob helping Defend the goal!

Great Team!

(Scott and Isaac Far Left)

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