Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week Of May 12th - 19th

These 2 pictures are from my cell phone so not as sharp...
Chloe on her field trip to Sea World for School.

Petting the Stingrays

On a ride

Isaac competed in "The Battle of the Books" at school. If you read all of the Sun Shine State books in the school year and pass the tests w/ 80% or better you get to compete (there were 20 students). The parents can watch inside the library on a tv.

Isaac's team

Treated to pizza after!

The last two Orff Orchestra practices before the big concert (which we were not able to attend...we were going to be gone on a cruise). Scott and I went to see them practice and take some photos and video.

Grandma came to visit for a few days after a week of work in Orlando. She took us to Islands of Adventure.
Most of the pictures are of Chloe, because the other 3 went off to ride the bigger rides.

Grandma and kids on the Merry Go Round...

Started to storm

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