Saturday, March 05, 2011

More Lacrosse...

Chloe had a Friday Night game under the lights. This was their first official game of the season. The younger Lady Jokers lost, but they are a very new team with many girls whom have never played before so they had a good effort. One of Chloe's classmates has never played lacrosse (4 practices total) and she went in as goalie. Way to go! She did great for her first time!

Chloe in the crazy high striped socks...

Isaac had 2 games today. His first game he got to play attack. There was an attempt at a goal by Isaac, but the ball conked the goalie on the helmet.
The Jokers White team lost in an overtime "Braveheart" that is where they do a one on one (one player and one goalie for each team) and 1st goal wins. These are a goalie parents nightmare. Erik was in goal for us and had one save then the 2nd shot went in. Bummer!

Isaac is #31

The 2nd game Isaac was in goal. I didn't have a friend using my camera so I missed out on shots of him playing goalie (I got one...) I was video taping instead. Isaac and Scott go over his tapes each week and learn from them. It's great!

This game we WON 12-5! Go Jokers!

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