Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stone Mountain, Georgia

These were in December on the 27th and 28th

Link to Park:

We arrived in the Atlanta area on the 27th of December. We didn't think it would be THIS cold...not sure it ever got above freezing the few days we were there. We did make a trip to Walmart to buy boots for the men. The kids enjoyed playing in the park before it got dark.

December 28th

We were one of few families in the park this early...it was so cold I don't think anyone wanted to get out of their hotel beds!!!

The smiles are tight due to the teeth chattering behind them!

Time to play in the snow!


Taking on the SNOW MOUNTAIN!!! We had a 2 hour window to sled. The family sled was first and probably the best fun...we all got to scream together!

Rolling down the tiny hill was fun too.

Can you say HOT CHOCOLATE?!?!?! We got free hot chocolate all day...we probably drank a gallon each!

Inside the Barn of Fun to warm up. Jumping and shooting at each other will warm up those toes!

And up we go to the top of the mountain...the wind chill up there was very unpleasant...to say the least! But what a view!

Mini Golf...Game ON!

We had a great time!

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