Sunday, October 03, 2010

Isaac's Lacrosse JOKERS

Isaac #99 had to become a JOKER this year due to the old club was no longer in existence. Isaac is having a great time and Scott is helping coach so the boys are busy!

Isaac is usually playing goalie. Once in a while he may get to play out.

His first game was canceled due to a scheduling conflict. This gave the guys a chance to see part of Chloe's game. Since the games are usually the same times and different places we both don't get to go see the kids. Scott is always with Isaac and I'm always with Chloe.

Isaac's 1st official game September 18th Chloe and I made the last half of the game and I was able to get a few photos.

Game 2
I was not there, but another dad on the team took some photos of all the kids.

Game 3
What can we say about game 3...AMAZING! Isaac had a shut out...for those who don't know that term ...he didn't let in ONE goal the entire game! He got to come out of goal and play out only until the other team scored 4 goals on our other goalie and then they had to put Isaac back in.
I was able to watch this entire game and I think my heart got a great workout!!!

Playing Out

Getting ready to go back in goal...

Chloe made a new friend Ruby at Isaac's game.

Isaac is also playing 6 vs 6 every Sunday with his Jokers group. They practice and/or have games 5 days a week. It's a lot of lacrosse, but we are enjoying it. He's also been invited to go to a tournament in Tampa a weekend in November. Should be interesting!!!

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