Sunday, October 03, 2010

Chloe's Lacrosse "Lady Jokers"
Games 1-4

Chloe joined a real girls lacrosse team this September. The age group is 3rd-6th when she plays in games, but she also practices with 7th and 8th grade girls a couple times a week. She has really become a good player. Her throwing and catching has been improving with each game. She's played all the positions except for goalie. She said she wouldn't mind trying one time.

Game 1

Chloe and her teammates cheering for the older group of Lady Jokers.

Chloe in her 1st game she is #2.

Chloe's got the ball!


Our group of Lady Jokers at practice...

Game 2

This game was at a prep school downtown Orlando. The field was awesome, but also BIG! The girls did great in the heat!

Game 3

I forgot my camera, but took a couple videos with my cell phone and got ONE picture of Chloe with her FIRST SHOT on GOAL!!! It didn't make it in, but it was great!

Game 4

Back to the prep school for another game. Chloe got to play in front of Daddy and Isaac this time. She did awesome! Great passes and didn't drop the ball on any catches! Way to go Chloe!

Chloe's doing outstanding and we love to watch her play and improve every week.

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