Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day with Ms. Denise!

Our favorite lunch lady of all time! Also a wonderful pen pal! Ms. Denise is such a great lady. We made a date to spend at Fairfax Corner to let the kids play in the sprinklers and then have some ice cream, but the sprinklers were down for maintenance. What a bummer!!! We made the most of our time including having that ice cream!

She came bearing gifts! She had great goodie bags of things for the kids to keep themselves busy in the long car ride. Isaac practiced his ball and paddle...it was very funny! Chloe loved her new Hello Kitty tank top so she put that on right away and her new earrings & necklace!

It's hard to say good bye, but we know we'll talk soon and see each other again maybe next year. Thanks Denise for spending some time with us and having fun!!!!

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