Friday, April 30, 2010

Isaac's Final Spring Game

The boys had one final set of games for our Spring season. We play a Jamboree which is shorter games, but we get to play two teams. We had a great time! The boys played outstanding! Isaac played goalie the entire time and did a great job. We won the first game and tied the second game.

Here's some pictures of the superstar...

Coaches on side lines

Save Save Save

Isaac gets injured. I later hear a boy from the other team landed on Isaac's foot...he's tough! Those cleats probably hurt bad!

After the Jamboree we went to one of the players 5 acre ranch for a picnic!

Kids eating with friend from the team

Coach and Cook...he wears many hats!

Time to hand out trophies and say a few funny words to each of the boys...

Isaac's team mate tossing him in..

Chloe out on the slip n' slide with one of the boys

Chloe was SO excited to get to pet the horses! Ms. Wanda took both her babies out for Chloe to pet and give cookies too. Chloe was thrilled and now wants a horse!
Grampy better get a bigger lot!

Ms. Wanda even said she'd let Chloe come back and ride one of them around the ranch this summer.

A perfect end to a perfect day!

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