Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning
March 20th, 2010

After Isaac's game on Saturday the 20th we headed to Tampa Bay to watch the Capitals play some hockey. We LOVE going to the games so this was a great treat for us.

We spent some time playing at the playground near the stadium. We watched Alex Semin walk by on his cell phone going into the game to get ready. We could have been rude and asked for a picture.

Tampa Bay Lightning always has a great set up for some family fun outside the St. Petes Forum. The kids had a great time!

Time to knock you OUT!

Climbing & Sliding

Chloe won a t'shirt from a corn hole game. Isaac played as well and got one (no picture).

The Gallant family so excited to watch the game...

The After Glow of a WIN!

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