Monday, April 26, 2010

Isaac's Lacrosse

These photos are from Isaac's game on April 17th. After Chloe was done at her lacrosse academy we went to his game. I was so happy I went since this was our 1st win this season! Winning is not everything, but it sure felt GREAT!

Isaac played defence during the first half and during the second half he was goalie (for the first time in FL). He had played goalie in VA back in 2nd grade.

When Isaac went in goal people said he was so "Cute"...not sure if that is a compliment! He was though...a bit smaller than our other goalie and he acts excited too. He even took the time to wave to MOM!

Clearing the ball

Coach Gallant and boys

This past weekend I didn't make the game. Chloe had hers at the same time. Another mom texted me while at Isaac's game so I was getting the play by play. Isaac went in goal again and stopped a lot of shots and only let in 2. The game was a tie at 3-3! This was our last official game, but this coming weekend we have Jamboree so we get to play two partial games.

Way to go SPARTANS!

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