Wednesday, April 07, 2010


On Easter weekend we decided to go camping! Now this is the first attempt to camp with the kids. I take that back. One night Scott and the kids set up our tent in the yard in Fairfax. It must have been record breaking heat that night and was still in the 90's at 10pm! They all came in hot, sweaty and wheezing!

This weekend was going to be wonderful with the Gulf Coast breeze and in the 80's so we went for it!

We went to Fort Desoto Park Campgrounds in St. Petersburg, FL. We didn't have a camp site reserved it was first come first serve and we did a lot of praying before we got there. We got a perfect spot!

Our site before the tent went up

This is a body of water behind our site. It said do not swim deep holes...not sure what that meant, but we didn't swim there. The kids did put their feet in.

Then they saw a horseshoe crab and decided to get out!

Time to relax... Isaac brought his rubber band gun to keep the critters at bay.

Lunch time...Scott set up the tent and I started on the hot dogs.

After lunch the kids were ready to GO...we were going to ride our bikes, but found out Chloe's had a leak! BUMMER! We looked on our handy-dandy phones where a Walmart might be and decided we'd do that tomorrow. For now we'd drive to the beach.
There were a couple swimming beaches on the island and we choose NORTH beach. It was great. There was a small overflow of water trapped between the beach and big water so the kids were happy to play there.

They made a couple friends

Beach Bums

This is one of our favorite ways to take a picture and I get comments on it a lot so I thought I'd show you the first few that we take and finally...maybe...get ONE that will work out ok!

1st attempt...I'm not there and Chloe's kinda out of it..what the heck is Isaac doing?

2nd Attempt...Not quite got Chloe in the picture

3rd was windy and the camera strap was in the photo!


5th and Final Attempt... good enough

Back to the campgrounds to make dinner and toss the lacrosse ball around.

Kids got Subway for dinner since they are not big fish fans. Something moving around in the trees...

Darkness was falling around us and it was time to have a little fun and get ready for bed.

Our first night was ok...we all slept, but not great. The kids and I were sharing a queen bed and Scott had a twin to himself. The next morning Scott went to Walmart to get Chloe a new bike tire and another air mattress. Not to mention a few other items like a lamp, extension cord and a few other fun things. OH...Coffee!!!

It's EASTER! The kids and I went to the playground for a while after we had some breakfast.

Creatures we encountered

Now that we have our bikes we headed out for a bike ride. A few miles down the road was Fort Desoto and a couple peirs.

At the top of the Fort the view was beautiful, but it was sure HOT!

Scott gave me mini bouquet of flowers

Back to our campground and we found a snake and raccoon who were interested in our lunch!

Time for an Easter Egg Hunt! First the kids wanted to hid them for us to find then it was our turn!

Always finding lizards!

Back to the Beach!

When we returned there was some crazy raccoons right above our tent in the tree... cut it out!!!

Last couple pictures from our camping trip...

This milk belongs ONLY to Chloe!

Chicken was yummy!

Chloe was journaling our entire trip and her experiences.

Van is ready to go so we are too!

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