Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chloe Saves A Lizard!

We've been watching the news on the frozen turtles and other wild life being saved here in FL with our recent cold weather. We've had a few deep freezes and to tell you the truth no one cares for them!

Chloe is an animal lover at heart and is always saving them. Believe it or not we've had 2 run away dogs outside our house this week. One very large black lab was playing and biting at the same time. It got Chloe a few times, but she still wanted to save the darn thing.
The other day Chloe ran inside saying "Help Mom, help me save this lizard!". She was trying to put it in a yogurt cup. I got a bucket with a little sand and put the lizard in there. The poor things was frozen (looked dead), but it's leg was twitching. I said to Chloe I think it's dead honey, but she said "NO, we have to try". I asked her if she wanted to give it mouth to mouth...she gave me a gross look then said "Not Really!". It felt dead when I picked it up. Poor thing...I was not thrilled about bring a dead lizard in the house. I put in a sweet potato skin, celery and water in the bucket then covered it with wrap & added holes.
It rose from the dead! It's alive and happy joke. Chloe's named it Rainbow Star.

Chloe had asked Santa for a lizard for Christmas, but didn't get one from him. God has a funny sense of humor giving her a dead lizard and bring it back to life!

Chloe and her friends Abbey and Renee letting Rainbow Star free!

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