Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank you Gram Linda!

Gram Linda sent us a box for Christmas and said we could open it early to enjoy before Christmas. When I was younger and lived with Linda & my dad we always opened Christmas presents on Christmas Eve was so fun! I have such great memories playing with my step sister Chris and cousin Chad at the holidays. There was always snow in Spokane, Wa too!

The kids with the box...

Chloe opening her blanket 1st!

Then Chloe opening the card...figures!

Isaac opening the card 1st...

He was so excited it had hockey on it! Way to go Gram!

In front of the tree with their new blankies. Not to mention there was a hockey game on in the background.

This was for me &'s SO BEAUTIFUL!

Close ups ...this says it ALL!

Thank You! We love them! It came on a cold day here in Florida so it was perfect!

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