Thursday, December 03, 2009

Our Unconventional Thanksgiving

The kids had the entire week of Thanksgiving off of school so we took advantage of that news by booking a family vacation to Paradise Island Bahamas!

The last time we were there was in January 2007. A lot had changed since then with all the water rides and slides.

Our trip starts with an hour prop plane ride from Orlando to Nassau. The ride was smooth, but felt like I had been at a rock concert it was so loud!

Atlantis is beautiful...

The kids having fun in 'The Dig' ..being a little goofy. The fish are just so COOL!

Feeding time above 'the dig'...the gulls try to steal the fishy food! Bad Birds!

Our first adventure on the 'lazy river' it's more of a rough rapids.

This is what we like to call "The Trick Slide". The kids do tricks or make up silly things while the come down the slide. This was one of our favorite slides years ago, but one of us had to go up and down with the kids, because it was too deep and they were not good swimmers. Not anymore!

My bathing beauty playing with her Sponge Bob beach ball in the pool.

Time to spend time on the sandy beaches. The kids love the sand, waves and water!

BIG CHAIR...makes us feel so cute& small! Isaac was not interested in being cute or small.

The Shark Slide...
You take an inner tube up the pyramid and have a fast fun ride into a tube that goes through the shark's great! We all enjoyed this ride years ago and this time too.

The playground was new when we were there in 2007. Isaac is now too tall for this playground, but was able to play on in the first couple days we were there since it wasn't very crowded.
Too bad they kicked him off ...they really had a great time on the playground.

Turtle (very large about the size of a car tire)

On Thanksgiving day Atlantis water park was very crowded, but we enjoyed walking around for a while before playing in the pools. We had been there from Saturday on and had plenty of time to play. We still had till the coming Saturday to do nothing, but play and relax!

That shark looks like a dinosaur it's HUGE!

Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree

Isaac playing shuffle board...I can see him doing this in his retirement!

To my shock and amazement my kids wanted to go parasailing!!! I went along in the boat for the ride to take pictures of my adventurous crew. If you ask them what the best part of the trip was this was it!
Scott went up with both kids then he went with just Chloe and again just with Isaac.

Happy Thanksgiving

Trick Slide

Beach Bums

I was on the bridge above them as the passed by on the 'lazy river rapids'...

Small beach area in Atlantis where there are no waves an no huge fish. We found some small shells and some small fish. Chloe and I chased a crab with a bucket until it dug deep into the sand...then Chloe realized there could be other crabs in the sand where she was standing and wanted to go to the pool.

Playing in the pool with daddy

Huge Waves! The flag for NO SWIMMING was up...also the lifeguard on the beach was walking back and forth...hoping he didn't have to save anyone today!

Nice Little Boats

Challenger Slide
Isaac went down this slide 50 TIMES! He challenged Daddy, Chloe and perfect strangers!


Gulls Everywhere

Ok..Ok.. We all screamed for Ice Cream!

Busted! Put your hands up and hand over the Butter Pecan!

A nice walk with out kids! They went to Club Rush and we went for a Pina Colada!

Picking up Kids at Club Rush. Chloe and I went to a store similar to 'build a bear'. Chloe made a yellow bunny she named her SUNSHINE! She had an adoption ceremony and everything. While we were having fun with that Scott and Isaac played at 'Gamers Reef'.


Bridge over Hammerhead...

Some more fun pictures...

Chloe sharing her drink with the fishes

Kids taking the Bulls By the Horns...outside the Casino

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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