Saturday, December 05, 2009

Isaac's Cross Country Run

For those that don't know, Isaac has started running cross country at his school. We're inexperienced and the information is hard to get so today's first meet was a bit confusing and we didn't know what to expect...but we had a blast.

The event is called the Kangaroo Run and there are participants from 6 to 11 years old. They each run with kids their age and same sex. The course is only a mile (starting with the 8 year olds) and Isaac has been running a mile during school practice and two miles at home with dad.

Turns out a 10 year old friend of Isaac's from a different school (Blake) also runs cross country at his own school so they got to run together.

When the horn blew, almost all the kids starting sprinting to get ahead. The coaches and parents all said to start at a medium pace, but it seemed like they all wanted to get ahead quickly anyway.

Isaac did great. He started off medium and therefore was near the back after the first tenth of a mile. As the other kids started tiring, he passed many of them.

For his first race ever, he did an amazing job. He finished about 15th out of 40-50 kids. How fast can you run a mile? He finished in 5 minutes and 5 seconds. That is a lot faster than I would be able to finish. The first place kid must've finished about 4:30 - which to me is unbelievable. Maybe I'm just too old and fat to remember, but I doubt I could've EVER run a 4:30 mile even in high school when I was in shape and running in lacrosse practice every day. I hear the courses aren't an exact science and could be something like 8/10th of a mile but I'm amazed either way.

It was a rainy, dreary morning, but we had fun anyway and our eyes have opened up to a new sport which is always fun. Isaac and I are both excited to do more running/training. We'll be out tomorrow morning timing ourselves...we'll let you know how much Isaac beats me by.

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