Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st Christmas Gift of the Season...


We gave Ryan his 1st gift of the season and also a gift for us to Busch Gardens. Lucky for us as Florida Residents we got to pay once and we get the entire 2010 year FREE! We are excited to go back next year. If you come to Florida and visit us we'd love to go there with you!

The boys headed straight for a roller coaster. Chloe and I stopped to visit SANTA first! She had wrote him a letter in the van on the way there so she was excited to give it to him. She had a nice long chat with Santa and him with her.

The photo Busch Gardens took:

The photo's I took:

After our visit with Santa we went to see the Gorilla's. We caught up with the boys and had a great time playing...

She looks like a sugar pixie!

Yes, Chloe can tie shoes! This is a sweet moment of a brother being kind to his sister caught on film!

Classic Bumper Cars...

Train Ride through the animals

Me and Chloe on the train

These are taken in the area called JUNGULA

Bats...or little Lucy's

Human Bats...Isaac & Chloe flying high!

Funny sign Ryan pointed the bottom...

Ryan & Me


Thought this was an odd picture of the area she's sitting in and then she's covering her face.

Climbing in the eggs...

We had a blast at Busch Gardens and can't wait to go back!

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