Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Chloe's lacrosse is always fun! Isaac has been joining in helping out the coaches. They even called him 'Coach Isaac'. When we lived in Virginia Isaac played goalie for his lacrosse team once in a while. He wants to try it again, but in his league they are bigger and can really throw that ball! Isaac is sticking with the Attack Position for now. Thank You! Although in Chloe's league they have a softer ball and he gets to enjoy playing goalie for them.

This was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon!

Can you see what's going on behind Isaac? Bryan and Chloe have been friends for some time and they are goofing off!

Bryan asked his mom if Chloe wears anything under her jersey since you can't see it!
He didn't take his moms word for it and took a sneak-peak!

Coach is teaching them the 'Good Game' hand shake!

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