Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chloe's Birthday Slumber Party

Chloe begged to have a slumber party for her birthday celebrating...she got it and I hope she liked it. Girls are LOUD!
Her bestfriend Renee stayed the night before too! We had her all weekend and they were not as loud...ha! Catie our neighbor one of Chloe's favorite girlfriends came too. Two girls she met this year that are in her class got to come as well..Abby and Lexie.
We had perfect weather for a summer type birthday party (in late October!). The girls had a blast!

Decorating their own cupcakes

Pizza and Sprite for everyone!

Time for the pool...

Time for Dad to teach them a lesson!

See how that's done! Who is NEXT?!


Brave Catie!

In the Hot Tub doing the conga line...

The girls did some coloring, crafts, made a mess, ran crazy and had fun!

The next day they were back in the pool (minus one girl who went home)

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