Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Celebrating Chloe's Birthday with Grampy and Granny

Chloe's birthday celebration with Grampy and Granny we had to have a little early since they were leaving right before her actual 'birth date'.

We had some pizza from our favorite place "Mellow Mushroom".

Cute jeans inside from Granny and Grampy!

Thank You Grandma and Granddad for sending me a DS! Pink too...the one I wanted!!!

Lucy and Bella were invited to party too...

What's in here Granny and Grampy?!?!?

Fun new game for my DS

Thanks Grampy and Granny...Just what I wanted and alarm clock and it will play a IPOD too, but I don't have one!

Thanks Mom for your old IPod! SWEET!

A fun box from Miss Denise back in Virginia!

Trick or TREATS for the pups!

Back off Jack!

Thank you Miss Denise for making us ALL smile!

Trying out the new music! Dancing with Grampy...

Chloe's favorite from 'SWEETS!'

Happy Birthday to You!

Birthday Swim

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