Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12th

Lacrosse Season has officially started!

Isaac has been practicing for weeks with his Spartan's Team. Our old coach has moved on and our assistant coach from Spring has stepped. Coach Art is our head coach now and Coach Scott (yes Daddy) is our assistant coach. We have a great group of boys this year.

Their first game was this weekend. Isaac finally scored!!! He got TWO goals! The end score was 18-4 so we have a huge win under us now. I wasn't able to attend the game due to Chloe's practice. I was very sad to miss his goals, but I will see some I'm sure before the season is over.

Chloe is playing a form of lacrosse it's called Chumash. If you'd like to read about it here is their website...
Basically it teaches the kids lacrosse skills without any of the sports contact. Boys and girls play together too. Our first practice was this Saturday. They will only practice skills and scrimmage each other a couple times a week. So far Chloe is the only girl, but her coach has said there's another girl signed up so we'll see.

I took a few pictures of Chloe. I picked up the wrong camera and the battery died, but I did get a couple pictures of her.

Here's the group that showed up with their two coaches (another Coach Art) and Coach John.

She's TOO!

She got a stick from them for joining, but likes her 'girls' stick better. She's one of kind.
Next week I'll miss Isaac's game again, but after that it looks like I'll make at least part of his games or all of them I hope.

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