Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This was Isaac's Family Birthday Celebration

August 13th, 2009 (a day early)

A note saying we owe him a DS game that comes out in October as a gift...he's been asking and since I can't get it now he'll have to wait!

Tech Deck with mini skateboards were high on the birthday wish list this year and so was Legos! He got what he wanted...bless his heart!

Thank You Chloe! As you can see Isaac was excited about the Legos he got from everyone, but he was also thrilled to get a mini gumball machine from his sister!

Grampy and Granny set Isaac up! He got some new accessories for his new IPOD and the DVD game 'Deal or No Deal'...we've had a great time playing and can't wait till they come to visit to play too! He loved the Legos and Tech Deck stuff too!

Grandma Rocks! Not only could Grandma be here, but she got him a AWESOME lacrosse stick which was needed since his was toast from last years beatings!

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Isaac...
Happy Birthday To You!

Make a Wish and Blow out your 10 Candles!

Ben Isaac & Chloe

I always take a picture of Uncle Ryan eating mouthfuls of Birthday Cake, but since he wasn't here this year I took one of Chloe!

To Our Wonderful Baby Boy...
Happy Birthday!
We Love You Buddy!

Isaac passes on a thanks to GGTudy and GGJohn for the cash he can spend! He's saving for a XBox or Wii so this money will go to good use! Wish we could have had all our family and friends here. We miss you all!

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