Tuesday, August 18, 2009

San Francisco California
Day 7

Friday August 7th, 2009

We headed down to the Pier 39 area again this time with Daddy. We had seen this open market we wanted to check out the day before so that's what we did first.
There was a huge 'thing' going on their with Radio Shack. They had a live feed from San Francisco, CA to New York City, NY. They were discussing technology and problems people were having and what might help them. They gave away t'shirts to everyone who wanted to hang out and see what it was about so we got free t'shrits. Then found out they were giving away a lot more than that...people were walking away with all sorts of things...cameras, video equipment, laptop type things! We stayed and Isaac got picked out and they talked to him.
He said he had an MP3 player that was broken and the battery was taped in and falling out all the time. The lady said well would a IPOD help with your problem? Well...HECK YA!

Isaac got a free IPOD!
Our blessings just keep on comin'!

Chloe (and Isaac) had bought mini chi hua hua's the day before at the Pier and brought them along today. Chloe found a new friend at the market to play with. This pooch wanted her chi hua hua!!!

The kids got a pretzel and Scott got his bowl of soup!

I got the kids names painted by a street artist that did this awesome brushing...

Today was a big day for us...we went on an Alcatraz Tour! This was something I really wanted to do for a long time. The boat ride was great over there and the tour itself was awesome.

I loved seeing how old everything looked...spooky! The smell was not plesant outside, because of the birds. Although in the prison it didn't smell at all!

They were to shower here and get their supplies...does not look like fun to me!

Chloe said it was kinda scary, but she liked it. You'll see us with headsets on since we did the Audio Tour. I learned a lot about that little island!

Last Meal Served

Ferry Back to main land...

To end our day we drove down the famous street...
It was much too crowded to get out of the car. People just standing in the middle of the road taking photos and wanting to be road kill!

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