Tuesday, August 18, 2009

San Francisco California
Day 6

Pier 39 was our destination today! Scott had to work one last day so the kids and I ventured around town. We took many friends and families advice to go here and check it all out.

Pictures from the shopping area on the Pier...

I have a few pictures of seals...shocker! They were very loud and fun to watch. We must have sat there over an hour being entertained by them. Some men came to clean off the docks and the seals scattered into the water...except for a few brave souls. It was pretty funny watching them get back on the docks and fight for their spot in the sunshine again.

Pictures from the streets...

We got our sour dough bread and chowder! At the end of the day we were chatting with a local man in the McDonald's and he was telling us about some other places to check out. He left the McD's and came back with a Boudin Sourdough Turtle for us to take home!

I got the kids pictures drawn for a total of $10! That was fun!

We also enjoyed a couple free samples from Ghirardelli!

We didn't ride the trolley...the line was at least 2 hours long to get on and we didn't want to do that. We did get to see them though.

We spent the entire day there walking around and enjoying the sites. We had to bring Daddy back here!

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