Monday, August 17, 2009

San Francisco California
Day 5

After we dropped Scott off at work again we headed for the Golden Gate Bridge park. We hiked a trail and found some fun places to run around. It was chilly so we did 'run' around to stay warm! It was a bit foggy too so I got some interesting pictures throughout the day.

This was also known as FREE DAY! We are always blessed with surprises in our everyday lives, but this was very interesting...

We drove near the yacht club and found a sign for free kids day! We had an hour before the park was set up with free carnival rides so we walked around for a while. We found out that the Exploratorium was free that day as well. We attempted to go to that, but the line was over 2 hours to get into it...we figured by the time we did get in it would be hard to do much of anything inside, because of the crowds so we missed out on that. It was ok with us...we had fun.

This was the free carnival!

Kids are to the bottom right of the photo

Left side of the slide is Chloe and Middle is Isaac

Time to win some FREE prizes!

While we were at the carnival some ladies that worked for T~Mobil had a free thing up the street about a mile walk. We got free popcorn, water, hot dogs and cotton candy from them! FREE LUNCH! They had parachuters over 50 of them jumping out of planes and then we got to see the Blue Angels fly over with Red White and Blue smoke! What an amazing site!!!

We went to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and one of the gardeners was working in the flower beds ..he gave Chloe FREE flowers!

There were SO many people on that bridge it was insane! Bikers too...we were getting run down by one or the other so we did a walk to the center and then back. The fog was blowing in and out the entire time so we got some fun pictures of all that. Some guy with his chi hua hua in his coat too!

After the walk I took a few shots of them by the flag area. The bridge...where did it go?!

It was time for traffic again and head back to pick up Scott from his boring work. He was ready to have some fun so he choose to take us to Putt~Putt Golf!

Isaac was happy to get a hole in one!

Scott hit his ball so hard it went over the fence and almost onto the freeway!

Chloe as cute as ever having a grand time!

An end to another exciting day in California!

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