Monday, August 17, 2009

San Francisco California
Day 4

Isaac, Chloe and I were on our own for today. Scott had to work so we went off to play. We went near Half Moon Bay again, but decided to drive farther North. We found a very quiet beach area with maybe 2 fisherman and that was it. The house up on the hill in this picture had some workers cutting trees there was one that looked like it was gonna fall on us!

The kids found a cave that was cool until Isaac saw a huge cockroach looking creature and Chloe came out screaming her head off and crying!

We left there to have some lunch and find a new place to play. We ended up at this beach/town called Pacifica. It was nice since it had a huge lot for free parking and bathrooms with showers for the surfers. There were a lot more people here and it had gotten a lot warmer in the day so we enjoyed playing in the sand, sun and WATER! Still the water was in the low 50's so VERY COLD...but the kids got around to enjoying it!!!

Eventually we had to call it a day! It was time to hit the traffic and head back to get Scott from work. The kids were so full of sand and I had not brought them a change of clothes...the showers didn't do much good so I had them strip in the car and wear one of my extra long shirts and jacket...they wouldn't let me take a picture of that! I don't blame was funny!

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