Saturday, August 15, 2009


San Francisco Day 2

San Francisco California
Day 2

We got up bright and early to head to Monterey. We got to the pier before the fisherman I think! It was so cold that there was ice on the dock that was frozen and not melting one bit! We walked around the pier a little then decided we had to go to Target to get the kids a pair of pants and me a hat. Oh and some HOT COFFEE! BURR!

Here are a few shots I took before our trip to Target. There were so many jelly fish in the water...hundreds of all sizes too. Many Many Seals as well...

After we warmed up a bit we headed into town to look around. The old buildings were so cool. There were a lot of scuba divers heading out, people enjoying breakfast on their hotel decks, valet guys running at full speed down the was Sunday so nothing seemed to be open this early in town only a coffee shop or two.

See Scott, Isaac and Chloe on the rocks...people trying to have coffee on their patio in peace above them...

One of the highlights of the kids trip was to climb on the rocks. Chloe's a natural Scott said she's very balanced and she really has NO FEAR!

We drove around a bit then back into town to visit the Monterey Aquarium.

Our Little Mermaid!

This is the light house before we got onto 17 Mile Drive...

Looks like the Joshua Tree?!?!

We took the 17 Mile Drive on Pebble Beach. Some of these spots were breath taking! Just amazing!

Point Joe

Cypress Point Lookout

Seal Rock Picnic Area

The Ghost Tree

Pescadero Point
This location marks the northern most point of Carmel Bay and Stillwater Cove.

Pebble Beach
What a beautiful golf coarse...I wouldn't mind living here! In these pictures you can see the fog/smog..whatever it is in the distance.

We drove around in Carmel California. We stopped at a beach for a little playtime.

As you can see with some of my photos my camera decided to stop working properly. We went by Best Buy first thing the next day and got a new one. It's not what I had wanted to do, but it was worth all the new pictures I could take! My other camera works when it wants too...the motor is going to pot in it so I've let Chloe have it.

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