Saturday, August 15, 2009

San Francisco California
Day 1

It's GO flight Chloe and I sat together we colored, read books and played some games. Scott and Isaac were 10 rows back...not sure what all they did? We had a good flight and got to California around 10am so we had a whole day ahead of us to play!

Our first stop after getting our rental car was Half Moon Bay. We saw plenty of horses, dogs, surfers and people wandering about. It was so beautiful and quite chilly! The sun felt good, but the breeze off the beach was so cold. The water was in the low 50's so pretty cold considering we come from Florida and like our water a bit warmer! We explored the beach and drove around looking at the beautiful homes there.

A few stops along the road side..

We drove to Santa Cruz and walked along the pier. Watched the awesome seals and walked around town. Crazy people in the water...we were not about to go swimming in there.

The next place we stopped at the beach was very smokey..there were many families having bonfires on the beach and dinner. Not sure if it was mostly smog, fog or smoke, but we didn't stay long it was just too cold!

We stayed in the Garlic Capital of the World...Gilroy, CA for 2 nights. It was convient to the Southern areas we wanted to visit while we were there. We also drove through the Artichoke Capital...Castroville, CA.

We had a long day of driving here and yonder so it was back to Gilroy to rest for the night.

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