Monday, August 24, 2009

This is Liz posting under Scott's sign in because I've posted my max amount of photos under my name.

San Francisco California
Day 8

Our last full day in California we drove North to the Wine Country! We stopped at a visitors center and took our pictures in their BIG BLUE CHAIR.

It was very pretty here with lot's of over priced art work. They were setting up the garden area for a wedding.

We drover to KUNDE a winery and took a tour.

Inside these doors was where they kept their wine. It was made of volcanic rock and stayed at a regular temprature with of 64 degrees. The wine barrels cost as little as $500 each (empty) up to over $2,000 each (empty) and can only be used one time.

They said don't taste the grapes they are not good to eat...well Scott and Isaac ate some and liked them!

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