Wednesday, August 26, 2009


August 11th, 2009

When we returned from California we had a little surprise for the kids...
Grandma was coming to visit!
I told the kids I was taking them to Disney's Animal Kingdom for the day, but we had to stop at the airport to pick up something for Daddy.
They were so excited, but said from now on they'd like to know who is coming into town! They wanted to plan something in advance!

We went from the airport to Disney...

The kids got their picture and autograph from Meeko.

For the 1st time we saw the Birds of Flight show. We've done all the parks more than once or twice, but never made it in time for this showing. The birds were awesome!

We went on a safari...

Last we stopped at the dino dig for the kids to play a bit!

This was our last stop at Animal Kingdom...our passes were expiring in a couple days!

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