Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday July 11th
Animal Kingdom

Saturday Scott had to get some work done on the computer at home so I decided I'd take the kids out of the house. They wanted to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

We saw a little animal kingdom in our neighborhood on the way out...
Cute family of deer!

It was a bit hot on Saturday so we went and go our fast pass for our favorite roller coaster and then went to the water rapids ride. We went two times in a row and were SOAKED! Underwear was wet too!

It did cool us off so we didn't really mind. I'm sure people were not happy after we rode the coaster twice and left the seat with a puddle of water in it.
We rode the Dinosaur ride which Chloe was not thrilled about, but Isaac begged. Then Isaac rode the little dino ride with Chloe.

Ice Cream Time!

Dino Dig

The kids love this part of the park. Not sure what is so wonderful about a huge box with tiny rocks in it, but they LOVE IT! We stayed in this spot for 2 hours. I should have brought a book with me, but it's fun to watch them bury each other over and over again!

Now I know I've put pictures of them with Pooh Bear, Eeyore and Tigger before, but they wanted to see them again.

It was an AWESOME day if you ask the kids! I had fun too!!

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